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Saturday, January 20, 2018

barcode registration with Labels printing Call: +91-9717122688 mail: gm@indianbarcode.com

Barcode Registration by Indian Barcode Corporation

Mindware (Indian Barcode Corporation) is a Company who helps Indian Companies for Barcode registration. Our mission is to improve the efficiency, safety and visibility of supply chains across physical and digital channels through the use of global Mindware standards. We do liasioning for Indian Companies to get the international as well as domestic standard bacodes.
Barcode  Registration for domestic as well  international market is only done by Indian Barcode Corporation with the help of international body and our barcodes are 100% genuine and authenticated by govt organisations
Our standards provide a global language of business that enable organizations to identify, capture and share information among trading partners in a uniform, structured, seamless and consistent manner.
We're best recognized for our barcode standard, which is scanned over 6 billion times each day – from scanning groceries, or buying products online, to locating equipment in a hospital quickly enough to save a life.
Exporters/importers, automobiles/pharma companies retail chain using our barcodes
In Healthcare our standards enhance patient safety by enabling availability of life-saving drugs in particular and in the detection of spurious drugs through authentication and track and trace.
 If you want to order barcode registration for your company Contact us: +91-9810822688, 9717122688
Visit :indianbarcode.com

Labelling is another significant means of product identification like branding and packaging. Labelling is the act of attaching or tagging labels. A label can be anything – a piece of paper, printed statement, imprinted metal, leather which is either a part of a package or attached to it, indicating a value of contents of a price of product name and place of producers or such useful information to be beneficial to the user. Thus, a label is an informative tag, wrapper or seal attached to a product.

Label becomes helpful to sellers to sell out the product. It protects the customers from malpractices of the middlemen. Labeling is very important element affecting sales and distribution process of a product, which provides clear information about the grade, quantity, price, brand name, features etc. to the customers.In some countries, many products, including food and pharmaceuticals, are required by law to contain certain labels such as listing ingredients, nutritional information, or usage.


Please contact for price related queries and placing orders at :
      S-4, Pankaj Plaza, Pocket-7, Plot-7,
      Near Metro Station(Dwarka-12),
      Metro Pillar No-1030, New Delhi-110078, India
 +91-11-28032434, +91-11-46102688
 +91-9717122688, +91-9810822688
"INDIAN BARCODE CORPORATION" (MINDWARE) Established in the year 1997, at New Delhi, India. It has been an industry leader in innovative Packaging Materials & Security Labeling Solutions, delivering a portfolio of various products and services focused on specific markets.

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