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Thursday, February 7, 2019

EAS AM Antena (4 feet) - Mindware

Mindware: We are India leading importers of EAS Antena. Ideal for Apparel, Supper markets, and noice reduction. It uses 2 mhrtz frequency bands and auto detection technology of detecting tags.
Radio Frequency (RF) Systems are the most widely used systems today. RF EAS system works like this: A label -- basically a miniature, disposable electronic circuit and antenna -- attached to a product responds to a specific frequency emitted by a transmitter antenna (usually one pedestal of the entry/exit gate). The response from the label is then picked up by an adjacent receiver antenna (the other pedestal). This processes the label response signal and will trigger an alarm when it matches specific criteria. The distance between the two gates, or pedestals,can be up to 80 inches wide. Operating frequencies for RF systems generally range from 2 to 10 MHz (millions of cycles per second). Sensors (gates/pedestals) based on EAS-RF technology emit a low-energy RF pulse, which "listens" for the tag. This technology, known as digital signal processing, actually "learns" about its surroundings so that it can accurately distinguish between the tag signal and extraneous noise. Store employees prefer this because it virtually eliminates false alarms! 
Key Features : 
features & specifications: eas-rf (digital) antennas,8. 2 mhz frequency band,advanced pulse technology, wide distance (1. 2 &1. 6m), auto selection of tags, noise cancellation, led & sound alarm, energy-efficient, durable abs & steel casing, plug & play, 156 * 33 * 10cm.

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