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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Manufacturer of 3M Ultra Destructible Labels, Call - 8527422688

Manufacturer of 3 M Ultra Destructible Labels, Call - 8527422688: Manufacturer of 3M Ultra Destructible Labels,best prices for 3 M Ultra Destructible Labels,Destructible Labels,Labels Manufacturer, Call - 8527422688

Destructible tamper evident labels are impossible to remove in one piece and will break into small pieces if anyone tries to remove it thus protecting your property – acting as a theft deterrent that also discourages unauthorized asset transfers.

Technical Specification

Key Features : 
These Ultra Destructible labels are suitable for use as asset or security labels and come supplied on rolls with an universal, powerful adhesive which will stick to most surfaces plus has a high-temperature resistance.
Used as tamper evident label. Application, the label cannot be peeled off and will come out only in small pieces. Designed for thermal transfer print. UDV bonds to a wide range of surfaces and breaks into tiny pieces upon attempted removal. These products are suitable for automotive use, electronic component and asset tracking identification.

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